Horror Punk Italia

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Horror Punk Italia Presents: Screams From The Grave!

01. Mange's Dogs - Squaraus Song - http://www.myspace.com/mangesdogs 02. Coffinshop - Psychoman - http://www.myspace.com/coffinshopband 03. Splatters - Killerclown - http://www.myspace.com/coffinshopband 04. Reanimators - Candlemass Of Reality - http://www.myspace.com/reanimatorsband 05. Rat Mousquè - Psychotic Noises - http://www.myspace.com/ratmousque 06. Dirty Danzig - Voodoo Death (exclusive prewiev from the demo out on October 2011) - http://www.myspace.com/dirty_danzig 07. The Hewitts - I Don't Wanna Kill Your Baby - http://www.myspace.com/thehewittsbandvr 08 - Living Dead Army - Zombieland - http://www.myspace.com/thelivingdeadarmy

sabato 20 agosto 2011

News: Horror Punk Italia compilation!!!

Prima iniziativa di Horror Punk Italia: chiunque abbia una band emergente (italiana in primis ma anche dal resto del mondo) horror, psychobilly o qualsiasi altro genere attinente con l'horror e vuole farsi notare e promuoversi per farsi conoscere, può mandare un pezzo inedito da inserire nella compilation che stiamo creando. La mia è un inziativa personale e a titolo gratuito, per dare un minimo di supporto alla scena italiana ed estera. Quindi ci tengo a precisare che NON SONO UN ETICHETTA DISCOGRAFICA e ribadisco che NON C'E' SCOPO DI LUCRO ai danni degli artisti che vorranno partecipare, quindi tutti coloro che aderiranno alla compilation lo faranno DI LORO SPONTANEA INIZIATIVA, e consapevoli di non ricevere ne di dover versare nessuna somma in denaro a me o ad altri. La partecipazione è facoltativa e a scopo pubblicitario delle band. Tutto chiaro?

Se volete partecipare, mandate il vostro pezzo all'indirizzo email mrlouhell@gmail.com

First initiative of Horror Punk Italy: anyone who has an emerging band (primarily Italian but also from the rest of the world), horror, psychobilly, or any other related with the horror and wants to get out and promote it to be known, can send a brand new piece to be included in the compilation that we are creating. Mine is a personal initiative and free of charge, to give some support to the Italian and international scene. So I want to clarify that I AM NOT A RECORD LABEL'S and I repeat that I DO NOT RECIVE PROFIT at the expense of artists who want to participate, so all those who adhere to the compilation will do so on their own initiative, and aware of not receiving it having to pay any sum of money to me or to others. Participation is voluntary and for advertising the band. All clear?

If you wish to partecipate, send your song to the email address mrlouhell@gmail.com

martedì 16 agosto 2011

V.A. Paid In Black ( A Tribute to Johnny Cash)

Genere: Horror Punk - Psychobilly

01. BLITZKID - I Walk The Line
02. THE BOO BERRYS - Sam Hall
04. THE SPOOKSHOW - The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea
05. THE AGGRO-NUTS - Big River
06. MISTER MONSTER - Give My Love To Rose
07. THE GHOUL - Cry! Cry! Cry!
08. LONESOME SPURS - Folsom Prison Blues
09. NUKE AND THE LIVING DEAD - One Piece At A Time
10. THE MASSACRES - The Wreck Of The Old '97
12. PSYCHO CHARGER - Wanted Man
13. THE BANG TALE - Sunday Morning Coming Down

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

Nekromantix - What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell [2011]

01. Bats In My Pants
02. Nekrotastic Extasy
03. Sleepwalker With A Gun
04. Demonspeed
05. Crazy
06. What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell
07. I Kissed A Ghoul
08. Once We Were Lovers
09. Chasing Ghosts
10. Love You Deadly
11. Bela Lugosi's Star
12. Monsterbait
13. Triskaedekaphobia

mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

Mad Marge and The Stonecutters - Liberated [2007]

Genere: Psychobilly - Horror Punk

01. No Looking Back
02. Issues
03. Sickness
04. In the Name of
05. Dial Z. for Zombie
06. Hardest Thing
07. Walk away
08. Liberation
09. A Shadow
10. Don't put up a Fight
11. Drove me Mad

martedì 2 agosto 2011

The Serpenteens - Dead Man Walking [2006]

Genere: Horror Punk - Rock

01. X-Ray Eyes!
02. Speak His Name
03. Silver Bullet
04. (Please Be My) Zombie Bride
05. Death Tripping
06. Hell Califonia
07. All Around Me
08. Day of The Dead
09. Satana
10. More Than Human
11. Antennae
12. Calling all Monster Kids

The Serpenteens - Superhuman Monster Show [2007]

Genere: Rock - Horror Punk

01. Make Sure That I'm Dead
02. The Superhuman Monster Show
03. Destroy Your World!
04. Cemetery Man
05. Tonight...
06. Horrorhead
07. Wolf's Breath
08. X-Ray Eyes (Live)
09. Silver Bullet (Live)
10. Please Be My Zombie Bride (Live)
11. Calling All Monster Kids (Live)

Gunfire 76 - Casualties & Tragedies [2009]

Genere: Hard Rock - Glam Metal - Horror

(Wednesday 13 side project)

01. Let’s Kill The Hero
02. Casualties and Tragedies
03. Nothing’s All I Need
04. Los Angel-less
05. Rocket To Nowhere
06. Something For The Suffering
07. One More Reason To Hate You
08. Tell You Like It Is
09. What Did You Expect
10. Back To The Gutter

Bourbon Crow - Long Way To The Bottom [2009]

Genere: Country

01. Haulin' Ass
02. Those Southern Times
03. Pour on Rain
04. Take a Bullet for You
05. Long Way to the Bottom
06. Life of Crime
07. You Have No Friends
08. Ol' Whiskey Mountain
09. You and Me
10. In the Mood for a Drinking Song

Bourbon Crow - Highway To Hangover [2006]

Genere: Conutry

(Wednesday 13 side project)

01.-Alcohol Express
02.-Bed In The Desert
03.-A Dead Body
04.-Drink 'till You Ain't Ugly
05.-Suck My Dixie
06.-I'm Not Hungover
07.-Bolts In This Redneck
08.-Headed For The Altar
09.-Lord Put My Girl
10.-I Wanna Go
11.-Rid The Devil
12.-I Wish I Cared
13.-Alcohol Is Awesome